Glossary of slots for every beginner

Glossary of slots for every beginner

If you wish to play online สล็อต, it is necessary to know some of the most-used words in these slot games.

Paytable – When you go to play a slot machine game in an online casino, you would have to deal with some numbers. For instance, you should place your bet amount in terms of coins that you can buy using your money. Depending on the game, the bet amount would vary. Likewise, there would be some costs to make any of the pay lines active. You should know this amount also. Also, every correct guess would get you a payout amount. Once you know all these numbers, you can play the slot game. A paytable would be a helpful element that will showcase all these numbers for your reference. Using the paytable, you can pay the necessary amounts without any confusion.

Penny slots – Every slot machine will require you to pay a bet amount to play the game. However, when this bet amount is too small and looks like a negligible amount, you can consider the machine as a penny slot. Since there is nothing much to lose other than a dollar or two, almost all players will love to play in a penny slot. Although the winning amount would not be high as that of the ordinary slots, you will not get that many losses also. However, you could find only one or two penny slots in every casino.

Random Number Generator – In an online casino, there would not be any person to take care of the rolling of the machines or doing every action as you wish. Everything would be computerized and the numbers you see on the screen are not based on the movements of any person. If a slot machine brings three characters below the pay line after rotation of the reels, it is because of the random number generator algorithm being used in there. Using this algorithm, almost all online casino games are being conducted without the necessity of human intervention. All these numbers and characters would come up randomly and no one could predict the next number that will come up on the screen. However, live dealer casinos will not use the RNG algorithm as there would be a dealer present somewhere to carry out the processes.

Classic slots – These are nothing but the traditional slot machine games that will run with only three reels rotation with the characters. Also, you could find only one pay line laying over the reels on the classic slots. Since this type of slot is outdated, you could not find it often in online casinos.

Coin size – Every slot machine game will require you to pay an amount to begin. You would have to buy some coins for that amount to play the game. The number of coins bought to play a particular slot game is known as the coin size.

Fixed jackpot – A fixed Jackpot is a winning amount that will be fixed and will not increase or decrease with time.