Here Are the Best Places to Live in West Texas

Here Are the Best Places to Live in West Texas

The idea of exploring West Texas is exciting. The sky appears bigger, the spaces are vast, and the roads seem to go on forever. Nothing makes a Texan yearn to travel more than the idea of turning on Willie and Townes and steering their car west. The main attraction for tourists looking to discover West Texas is frequently Marfa. The vast plains of West Texas are easily drawn into. Here, you may select cities that are reasonably priced, have lots to do, and are surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Also, we made sure to locate areas that were appropriate for all societal groups, including young professionals, families, and retirees.

San Angelo

One of the greatest places to live in West Texas for individuals seeking an economical, vibrant city with a wide range of things to do is San Angelo. Due to its prime location on the banks of the Concho River, which runs through the heart of the city, the city is also fantastic for outdoor enthusiasts. A wonderful, young spirit permeates the neighborhood thanks to the presence of Angelo State University in the city’s center. The best part is that San Angelo never seems very large and that there is hardly ever any traffic on its roadways.


Due to its secure environment and tight-knit community, we believe Andrews, Texas, to be among the best cities in the area. Most newcomers to Andrews comment favorably on how polite and nice everyone is in the area. Although being a small city, Andrews is approximately 45 minutes from Midland and Odessa, so its citizens can benefit from the employment prospects there as well.

El Paso

Our ranking of West Texas’ top cities for living is headed by El Paso. It achieves this reputation by providing a superb balance of accessibility, security, and entertainment. Even El Paso made our list of the top Texas cities. Everyone can afford to live comfortably in El Paso, where the average El Paso Houses for Sale costs under $200,000. Crime rates are currently 40% below the state average. The El Paso Museum of Art and the walkable Downtown El Paso are just two of the many attractions and entertainment options available in this historic city.


Due to its robust economy, emphasis on education, and sizable healthcare sector, it is referred to as the “Hub City”. Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, giving the area a lively collegetown atmosphere. Living there is also rather affordable, with houses still being found for under $200,000, per Zillow.


Due to its strong employment market and abundance of attractions like the planetarium and children’s museum, Midland, Texas, is one of the West Texas communities with the greatest population growth. Due to the Midland Basin’s production of 15% of the US’s crude oil, Midland also offers promising future possibilities. The city is renowned for being a secure location, particularly for families. The fact that the crime rate in Midland has decreased for eight out of the past nine years is evidence that locals take pride in their community.