Sell Gold or Silver Bullion

Sell Gold or Silver Bullion

You can sell gold bullion today and receive instant cash when you deal with an expert bullion dealer and not one of those kiosks operated by middlemen. Also, you can get the highest payout amount because bullion dealers offer the most competitive prices on the market. The reason why you can get a good deal is that among other things, bullion dealers have a lot of volume for both buying and selling. They also rely on the spot price of gold to determine how much your metal is worth. And the live spot prices are usually available on various websites for you to compare.

No Brand Discrimination

The good thing is that you can find many professional gold buyers who are not discriminatory when it comes to brand. However, if you have a lesser recognised brand then you may get paid slightly less. In addition to that, some dealers will also buy gold of lesser purity and scrap jewellery. These dealers will buy any volume of gold in any condition. And the price a dealer will quote will be the price that you receive. Also, there are no hidden fees or charges, and so you will receive the full amount of money.

Professional Valuation

To sell gold bullion, you just walk into a dealer’s shop, and you will find someone ready to conduct business. After you present your gold items, they will grade the product. If you have LBMA gold bullion then this will fetch you the highest price, smaller local brands are bought at a small discount. After your product has been evaluated the dealer will offer a price based on the current spot price of gold and branding. If you’re satisfied with the quoted price, you can receive payment and walk out with cash in your pocket or in your bank account if an EFT was done.

Online Convenience

Some dealers operate online platforms that a customer can use to fill in their details when they want to sell gold bullion. In such a case, you just need to select the product and quantity that you would like to sell. The next step is to provide your personal information and payment instructions. You can then submit your order and confirm it online. After doing that, you will now need to hand over your metals at the dealer’s physical shop within a specified amount of time from the day your order was confirmed. You can also walk into such a dealer’s store without a prior appointment and conduct your business.

Selling from your Vault

If your investment is in a dealer’s vault, it becomes much easier to sell gold bullion. All you need to do is to call your dealer and specify the item(s) that you want to sell. The dealer will then remove your product from storage and make the necessary transactions. The good thing about this arrangement is that your exit strategy is quick, simple, and easy. You don’t have to deal with packing up your bullion or traveling to the dealer’s shop. In this case, your precious metal becomes more liquid because you can quickly and easily turn it into cash. Just check the buy back price these dealers offer as it may be better to take your gold bullion items to another specialist dealer who doesn’t offer storage.