Tired of playing the usual billiards games? Learn the best alternatives to play Billiards games

Tired of playing the usual billiards games? Learn the best alternatives to play Billiards games

Whether you’re at a bar or a house party, billiards is always a good time. Billiards games are lots of fun whether you play against another person or with many others. Pool billiards is a fantastic pastime for all ages. Unlike poker games, there’s not much that can go wrong with these games; they’re that exciting. While eight ball is our ‘go-to’ pool game to play, there are several alternatives available. With this article, you will learn the best alternative games to play rather than the usual billiards games.

Here are the best alternatives

  1. Snooker

Snooker is one of the billiards games that is designed for skilled pool players. On the table are one cue ball, six coloured balls, and 15 red balls. The red balls are worth 1 point each, while the coloured balls have 2 through 7 points. To win, one must alternate between pocketing a red ball and one of the coloured balls on the table. The winner is the individual with the greatest score, based on which balls they pocket.

How to Play Snooker games on GetMega?

A snooker table, for example, measures roughly 12’x6′, which is larger than a typical pool table but smaller than a billiard table. Snooker games are played by people who first pocket the red ball; then the other numbered balls in ascending order. The name “snooker” refers to a snooker player’s dominant strategy: creating an environment where their opponent can’t easily hit their ball in a straight line. You can play these games on a platform like GetMega and have a fantastic gaming experience.

  1. 9-Ball Pool:

9-ball pool is a thrilling variation of Billiards games in which the goal is to sink or pot the nine-ball. This game has a lot of complexity and requires some strategy, making it ideal for experienced pool players.

This pool game is for serious players. To break the diamond rack, start by hitting the number one ball. You’ll earn credits depending on how long it takes you to sink each ball in succession. 

How to Play 9-ball pool on GetMega?

You must sink the nine ball before your opponent does if you want to win. The accuracy of the opponent’s moves will depend on how difficult you find it. You alternate with your opponent, but you get to go again if you pocket a ball. With the mouse button, aim and adjust the power of your shot. You can target specific locations on the cue ball. To win against your opponent, avoid fouls and pocket the balls with accuracy.

  1. Straight Pool

It is one of the more difficult billiard games to master. You must choose a ball to pocket and declare which pocket you’re aiming for. You score if you sink it in that particular pocket. The other player gets a turn if you miss. With this game, when you win on GetMega, you can get a lot of rewards.

How to Play?

You will have to use the cue ball to pocket any ball on the table, regardless of colour. As a result, balls are frequently re-racked throughout a game, which can go on for much longer than an eight-ball match.




  1. Pure Pool

It is a kind of billiard game that you can put on your favourite music, choose a custom table, sprinkle visual details, and create your very own gaming environment with a chat option on GetMega. 

How to play

The right stick controls your aim, the camera is positioned behind the cue to provide a first-person perspective, and the left stick regulates your shot by pulling back then pushing forward.


That concludes the list of some exciting and unusual billiards games to try. However, there are many more alternative games that are not on this list. The above are the best alternative games that you can give a try. You can join a network like GetMega, which has a lot of opportunities that you can explore to entertain yourself or make money with your gaming skills.

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