Why Work with a Divorce Lawyer Instead of Opt for Online Divorce

Why Work with a Divorce Lawyer Instead of Opt for Online Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process and often involves lots of drama and significant amounts of money. Thankfully, couples today have a lot of avenues to take to divorce seamlessly and smoothly. This is possible by conducting proceedings civilly. But, while options such as online divorce have made it possible for couples to end their marriage without the hassle of courtroom proceedings, they are not efficient in resolving issues that surround most divorces. Instead, most couples can benefit from hiring a divorce attorney from the divorce law firm, Coil Law.

A lot of those who tried online divorce end up regretting their decisions further down the line. The majority of those who provide such type of divorce use interview-style questioning that includes details of a couple’s situation and circumstances. Once a spouse has filled in the details and paid for the service, the forms are prepared as state-specific documents. After a day or two, the petitioner gets the forms for signing and notarizing. However, if online divorce is very easy, why would a spouse need an attorney? Read to know the answer:

There are Law Nuances

Every state varies in its approach to divorce. While a lot of websites that offer online divorce provide forms that cover all states, certain state law has nuances. This could have a significant impact on a spouse’s ability to qualify for an online divorce. By consulting a lawyer, a spouse can save money and time as well as avoid making costly mistakes. 

Divorce is More Than Just Paperwork

Online divorce services don’t serve as lawyers. They only handle the paperwork and ensure it is filed correctly. If you have no legal knowledge, this can be quite overwhelming. Keep in mind that online platforms usually don’t have room for communication and consultations. When you hire a lawyer, you can have a clearer picture of the situation and what to expect from your decision to dissolve your marriage. Your attorney can answer any question you may have about the forms to be filled out. You cannot expect online divorce service providers to advise you on issues like property division, child custody, or spousal support. 

You May Still Appear Before a Judge Even if you Opt for Online Divorce

Did you know that some online divorce cases are resolved inside the courtroom? When a judge finds it important to speak with either party or both after they read your forms, they will set a date for you all to appear before them in court. Cases that include alimony or children usually end up in court.