Cruising Through Chaotic Urban Traffic of NY in Style with Washington Deluxe Bus Service

Cruising Through Chaotic Urban Traffic of NY in Style with Washington Deluxe Bus Service


The urban traffic in NYC can be pretty chaotic, and at weekends or on some festive days, it becomes tedious to cope with. For people who commute between Washington DC and NYC, the traffic woes are nothing new. However, the good thing is that they can now avail a reliable and comfortable commuting means. Saying adieu to the hassles of pesky city traffic is possible when you choose a service like Washington Deluxe Bus. This urban transport service has been catering to the needs of residents and visitors in NYC and Washington DC for several years.

Why Washington Deluxe Bus Service Is A Viable Choice?

There are other means of commuting between NYC and Washington DC, for sure. However, these means are not as comfortable and reliable as the Washington Deluxe Bus service. Think of travelling between these two urban regions amidst sheer comfort, cocooned in the coaches that are designed for hassle-free commuting. You also get rid of the noise outside when you avail the DC to NYC Bus service.

Reasons Why You Should Choose It over Others?

There are other urban transport services covering NYC and Washington DC, for sure. However, the Washington Deluxe Bus service is miles ahead of the contenders in reliability and overall experience.

  • This bus service is known for punctuality, and users can count on it all over the year.
  • The bus drivers and other staffs are very helpful and professional, which makes things smooth for first-time users.
  • The ticket prices are pretty affordable.
  • Reservation is made online, and the process is simple and fast.
  • The bus coaches are well maintained and cleaned regularly.

Picking Between Standard and Lux Services

Not everyone using the public transport system has the same need. The standard coach service is aimed at the frequent users who commute between NYC and Washington DC several times a month. These coaches are quite comfortable, and you get amenities like electrical outlets and complimentary WiFi.

If you are among those who want a touch of luxury even while using public transport, there is the Washington Deluxe LUX package. These coaches are designed with attention to the amenities. So, you get amenities like more legroom, oversized seating along with complimentary movies for streaming on your device. These coaches have only 34 seats. This ensures no jostling for spaces with co-passengers after a tiring day!

Saving More with the Rewards Program

The ticket pricing for the Washington Deluxe Bus service is decent, but the company offers more lucrative schemes to retain loyal users. The rewards program is there, and you can sign up for it. For every trip booked, you earn reward points, and these points can later be redeemed. The nice thing is that you can pay by combining accumulated points with money. There is nothing like an expiry for these points.

Major Transit Points Covered

Whether you book a ticket for DC to NYC Bus route or the reverse direction, you can pick from stoppages located strategically at major urban transit points. You can pick up from stoppages like Penn station, Brooklyn NYC bus stop and DuPont Circle bus stop.