Enjoy the Effects of Magic Mushrooms through Lemon Tek

Enjoy the Effects of Magic Mushrooms through Lemon Tek

People normally encounter unwanted situations in life such as losing a loved one, being fired at works, or a broken heart. Such situations will have a strong effect to their emotions as well as on how they think and act. Some feel depressed and lose hope. They believed that they can no longer move on with their lives. Though these are just normal reactions of someone who has been hurt, there are various ways on how you can be able to alleviate the feeling.

Why Lemon Tekking is Done to Magic Mushrooms

One option that you can try if you are not feeling okay or depressed is to try the magic mushrooms which are also called shrooms. A lot of people have already tried magic mushrooms and they find it harmless and effective foe their condition. The common method of consuming the mushrooms is by mixing them with your foods. On the other hand, some worries about the trip duration caused by consuming the shrooms. This can be an issue to first time users who are not yet aware on how shrooms work. Om the other hand, if you would want to lessen the trip duration of magic mushrooms, then you will have to make use of a method called lemon tek.

In lemon tekking, the magic mushrooms will have to sit on lime juice or lemon before consuming it. In this method, the trip will be concentrated thus making it stronger but shorter. With the fact that the effects will become stronger, this is only ideal for experienced users. In lemon tekking, users will only have to take a small amount to get a satisfying trip that could last for a short period of time. They also say that it can decrease body load and nausea making it a good idea for exploration.

If you want to do the lemon tekking, it is advisable that you stick with lemon and lime juice because their acidity works well on this method unlike other citrus fruits. If the effects of magic mushrooms normally last for hours, in lemon tek, you could only feel the trip for 10 to 45 minutes. However the effects may not be the same because it will depend on how much food you have eaten before taking the shrooms.

Users find it more comfortable to consume mushrooms through lemon tekkingrather than by eating the mushrooms directly. It keeps them away from nausea because it prevents the stomach from getting upset. If it is your first time to do the lemon tekking, it is best that you start with a smaller dose knowing that the effects could increase. So, if you want to enjoy the trip when consuming magic mushrooms, know how much you need for lemon tekking. Remember that consuming too much doesn’t mean that you’ll get better effects instead this will only put you at risk so you really have to be a responsible user if you want to get the real benefits of shrooms.