Essential 5 Tips To Start Teaching English Online

Essential 5 Tips To Start Teaching English Online

Teaching English classes online or English tutoring online (ติว ภาษา อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in This) is a great opportunity for those who want to work from home. Find out where to start. Nowadays, it is very common and necessary to learn to communicate in another language, especially English. Mainly because it is one of the most spoken and demanded languages ​​in the world, in this way, more and more people are looking for ways to learn this language.

And even with the great rush and hustle of everyday life, many understand this need and look for other unconventional ways to learn the language. Therefore, considering the scenario, inevitably, a segment that has developed a lot is online classes.

  1. Technology

When it comes to online English classes, this is undoubtedly a super important factor. At first, pay attention to the internet; it is advisable to have at least one of 10 megabits (at least 10 megabit downloads and 1 mega-upload) with no oscillations and pixelated images, which can disrupt the class.  A second factor is a machine! A good computer, minimally fast with suitable hardware, is necessary to support the various open tabs such as teaching materials, spreadsheets, and the platform used to teach classes.

A tip is to buy an SSD that helps give you that extra speed if you can’t afford a new computer. Finally, a Webcam, if possible, a separate one, is a good headphone, which can be a headset or a separate microphone and headphones. These last two items are essential.

  1. Space

The online classroom space should be clean, well lit, and show a minimum of self. It is recommended that you do not take classes in private spaces, such as your bedroom. If possible, reserve a specific location to teach English classes. Another tip is to decorate it pleasantly and attractively. These are small details, but they make all the difference when it comes to showing the seriousness of your work.

  1. Platform

Currently, several platforms allow interaction between students and teachers, such as Skype. There are also platforms that not only allow contact but also provide the necessary support for language teachers.

  1. Payment

Payment for classes can be made by bank transfer or deposit, but the best option to be organized is by issuing bank slips. Since you can issue all tuition, as if it were a booklet, the student will have access to all payment dates. One option to be able to do this is digital banks.

  1. Disclosure

Finally, the dissemination of online English classes can occur in different ways. Word of mouth is one way, as a good service can be easily spread from friend to friend, family member, acquaintance, etc. Also, it is possible to advertise on social networks, as many companies and people do today. Another option is also to create a website/blog.