GROUT REPLACEMENT Florida: Step-by-Step Guide in Removing Grouts

GROUT REPLACEMENT Florida: Step-by-Step Guide in Removing Grouts

The old grouts in your tile areas are not pleasing to the eyes, it got moldy through time and are very difficult to clean. Many would tell that it’s easier to remove old grouts than clean them. For this tiresome reason, homeowners chose to remove their old grouts and replace them with something new. To do this, they hire professional grouts remover and replacer like the GROUT REPLACEMENT Florida to help them fix such problems about grouts.  Below is the list of equipment needed and the step-by-step guide in removing grouts:

Equipment/ Tools Needed in Removing Old Grouts

  • Safety goggles – are protective eyewear equipment used to cover and protect the eye area in preventing particles, dirt, water, and other chemicals from getting in the eyes.
  • Oscillating Tool with Grout Removal blade – is one of the best-paired tools in removing grouts. These two operate at a slower speed in taking out the larger pieces of grout using an oscillating motion.
  • Utility Knife with A Dull Blade – These two paired tools are used in scarping and cutting joints of grouts.
  • Carbide Tip Grout Removal Tool –is one of the most important tools in removing grouts because it can manage both moderately priced and hard enough grouts
  • Shop Vacuum – This tool is best used in cleaning grout particles and dirt.

Step-by-Step Guide in Removing Grouts


  • Attack the Grout Straight On

After putting on your safety goggles, it’s time to pick up the oscillating tool with the right blade designed for removing old grouts. Hold the oscillating tool horizontally and vertically which matters on the vertical seams and lines in the tile areas, start by turning its power on and slowly press the blade to the grout area. Be sure to handle the tool softly to avoid damaging the tiles because pressing it too hard may cause the tile to break and damage.

  • Grind The Grout in a Correct Angle

As you get started in removing old grouts, it’s the perfect time to gently grind the grout at a correct angle possible to refrain the edges of the tiles from being damaged. Working slowly but surely in ensuring and protecting the tiles is a must, that is why it is advised to put a support system to your arm to at least support your arm system in the process.

  • Scrape The Unfinished Grouts with a Carbide Tip Grout-Removal Tool

After using the oscillating tool in removing such old grouts, now it’s the perfect time to use the carbide tip group removal tool in scraping out the stubborn pieces of grouts. To perfectly do that, be careful not to pry the carbide removal tool against the edges of the tiles as it is easily chipped.

  • Clean up Using a Utility Knife with a dull blade

After removing old grouts, finding bits of grouts is normal which is a need of a utility knife with a dull blade to fully clean the area.

  • Vacuum All the Small Particles

To clean everything, use a vacuum in doing so. This part will help you see and finalize your work.