Leather Shoulder Holsters And Its Advantages

Leather Shoulder Holsters And Its Advantages

One of the traditional guns carry styles is the shoulder holster. The shoulder holster gets designed or designated so as to place over the shooter’s shoulder. This gun carry style gets mostly preferred by civilian users and law enforcement and. Its comfortability, safety, and efficiency made it one of the best guns carry styles available.

You can access both horizontal and verticals adjustments of Shoulder holsters. If you have a long-barrelled gun model, then a horizontal style shoulder holster is a good choice for you, and if you have a short-barrelled gun model, then a vertical style shoulder holster is a better option.

During the end of 1890, the skeleton model of shoulder holster came into existence. It became more improvised day by day. Montana saddlers- AI. Furstnow of Miles City and E. D. Zimmerman of Custer Country introduced the improvised leather shoulder holster type.

This skeleton model of leather shoulder holster has many benefits, along with the firm hold of guns in its place. Leather shoulder holsters keep the gun exposed for fast removal. A new model of leather shoulder holsters came into existence during the early part of the 20th century.

It had various incorporated design elements from the earlier model, and thus slowly, it replaced the earlier model. Since the time the M1911 pistol got adopted, the desire for leather shoulder holsters also increased.

Benefits Of Leather Shoulder Holsters

There are various other benefits of leather shoulder holsters besides their comfortability and safe carry. Listed below are some of the benefits. Therefore, it’s not possible to list down each and every advantage.

Fast Access To Guns

It is one of the most important benefits of a leather shoulder holster. If you come across any threat and you are unable to draw your gun at the earliest, then you might get into various problems. Thus, leather shoulder holsters come in handy during these situations.

Since it provides fast access to the gun when seat-belted in a car, it is much more convenient for drivers. Leather shoulder holsters have a simple design that makes it easy to get a shoulder rig in shoulder holsters rather than in a strong-side holster when strapped into a car seat. Bodyguards or security personnel prefer shoulder holsters over other holsters.


Another essential benefit is concealability. If any holster is not concealable, then you might face various problems. The placement and composition of leather shoulder holsters make it the best choice, and also, they are perfectly concealed. It is essential for each and every holster to be quickly accessible, and thus a shoulder holster makes the perfect fit for such situations.

Reasons Why The Use Of Leather In Making Holsters Considered The Best

If you are thinking about holsters, and the term ‘Leather’ does not pop into your mind, you might not know anything about holster materials. Leather being the best material for making holsters for decades, and it gets preferred by many people. Leather, because of its design, comfortability, and variety is the favourite material for every person.