Rustic Architrave Door Design with Intricate Carvings

Rustic Architrave Door Design with Intricate Carvings

When it comes to modern home design, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is the type of doors and windows. Doors, in particular, serve as both functional and aesthetic elements in your home. Thus, it is important to invest in the right type of door that will complement your overall home design. One type that is becoming increasingly popular today is the contemporary architrave door design. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of this design, its characteristics, and how it can help enhance your modern home’s look.

Contemporary architrave door design is known for its minimalistic and sleek appearance. These doors are made of high-quality materials such as hardwood, MDF, or painted finishes. They feature a thin frame, which gives it a clean and modern look. The advantage of this design is that it can blend well with any modern home interior styles. Whether you have a minimalist, industrial, or traditional design style, contemporary architrave doors can provide a seamless transition and add a touch of modernity to your space.

One of the features that make contemporary architrave door design unique is the use of architraves. These are decorative moldings that are used to cover the unappealing joint where the door frame and the wall meet. With the right choice of architrave design, you can significantly enhance the look of your door, making it a focal point in your home. Architraves come in different styles, from plain to ornate, and you can easily choose a style that matches your personal preferences.

Another characteristic that sets contemporary architrave door design apart from other types of door designs is the flexibility it offers when it comes to door size. Whether you have a small passage, a standard doorway, or an oversized opening, a contemporary architrave door design can be customized to fit your space perfectly. You can have a single door, a double door, or even a pocket door with this design. Furthermore, with the right color choice, hardware, and glass options, you can personalize your door to fit your desired style.

One of the significant benefits that come with contemporary architrave door design is its durability. These doors are made of high-quality materials that are meant to last for years. Whether you choose a solid wood or painted finish door, you can be sure that it will withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The thin frame design of this door also adds to its durability as it prevents warping and swelling over time.

Finally, contemporary architrave door design can also add value to your home. These doors are considered premium quality and are designed to last. By installing a high-quality door that complements your modern home design, you can add value to your space while enjoying the functional benefits it offers.


Contemporary architrave door design is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to enhance the modern look of their homes. With its sleek and minimalistic appearance, flexibility in size options, customized architrave design, and long-lasting durability, it is an ideal design choice for any modern home. Additionally, its ability to add value to your home makes it a worthwhile investment. The right contemporary architrave door design can provide both a functional and aesthetic element that can complete your home’s style.