What Precautions Should I Take For My Watch?

What Precautions Should I Take For My Watch?

When talking about watch care, we must always keep in mind the objective of prolonging the use time and its proper functioning. In this way, one can take care of the watch itself and care for the maintenance of bracelets and clasps; after all, the originality of the models encompasses all its components, not just the box and the machine.


Internal components are sensitive to shock, temperature extremes, and magnetism. These three can interfere with the accuracy of the watches according to their strength, causing the watch to start to delay, run faster, and even stop working.


The use of chemical components for cleaning at home is not recommended as it tends to attack the bracelets, considerably reducing their useful lives. Excessive humidity, seawater, and sweating are prevalent factors that generally go unnoticed and significantly reduce bracelets’ durability. For people who have a more active lifestyle and who constantly wear watches in their activities, it is recommended that they wear steel or rubber straps.


First of all, make sure the crown is closed. If it is open, water can enter the machinery and thus damage it. A solution of water with a bit of mild soap should be used. Use a cotton swab or a super soft toothbrush for cleaning. Rinse in clean, non-running water, and the idea is to rinse in a container of clean water and dry the watch immediately afterward with a soft cloth. It is recommended to clean whenever entering swimming pools, sea, lakes and after performing physical activities.

Technical Assistance

Always look for an authorized technical assistance service for your watch brand like the Rolex Watches (นาฬิกา Rolex which is the term in Thai) to carry out maintenance services and battery replacement to obtain the best possible service.