Is Shipping a Car Through Auto-Shipping Companies Cost-Effective and Safe?

Is Shipping a Car Through Auto-Shipping Companies Cost-Effective and Safe?

Whether you are relocating and want to take your vehicle along with you or you are purchasing or selling your vehicle and wish to get it shipped to its respective address across the country, shipping the vehicle is the best and most cost-effective way to get the task done. 

Driving the vehicle ourselves for such long distances proves to be more expensive because of the damage the car might have to bear on the road and also because if the distance is large, you will have to make multiple stops to rest and feed yourself. Even if you are currently feeling that shipping your car is an additional expense, trust that it is the cheapest and safest possible way to transport your vehicle. 

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Factors affecting the cost for shipping 

1. Shipping method: It all depends on the type of auto carriers you are using:

  • Open carriers are cheaper and are most easily available with almost all shipping companies. 
  • However, if you own an expensive car and you do not want to see even a single scratch on its surface, you will have to put in a little more money and choose a closed carrier because it is the safest. 
  • Closed carriers are approximately 33% more expensive than open carriers. 

2. Distance to be covered:

  • This is a no-brainer; shorter distance means fewer expenses and vice-versa. 
  • The expenditures involved in extra fuel charges, extra pay to be given to the driver as it takes a longer time to reach the destination, tolls, etc. adds up quickly as the travel distance increases. 

3. Model, type, size, and weight of  the car:

  • A luxury car will need a closed carrier, added insurance covers, and special attention while being transported and will cost more. 
  • The weight and size also count because the heavier and larger the vehicle, the more it will cost because every auto-carrier can carry only limited weight. 

4. Whether you are shipping the car during the busy season:

  • Shipping the car during the off-season could save you some money. 
  • If you are transporting during the winter season to locations that get chilly and snow-covered could cost you more. 
  • Also, high-demand seasons such as spring or summer could cost you more due to demand-based surge charges. 

5. Door-door-service:

  • You need to pay extra if you have demanded door-to-door service for pickup and delivery. 

Before comparing the quotes by different shipping companies, keep these factors in mind and check for any hidden charges that the company might be asking you to pay. You must follow the principle of transparency before finalizing the deal.